John Seiller Attorney Ketchum Idaho

John Seiller

Originally hailing from Middletown, Ohio, a town with a strong steel industry background, my journey began with summer blue-collar jobs. From a humble fifth-grade paper route to laboring in the steel mill for two summers, I gained valuable work experience. Fortunately, my parents instilled in me the importance of education, which led to my acceptance into and successful completion of the honors program at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, culminating in a BA in economics in 1989.

Just before my graduation, I received the offer to attend Ohio State Law School, where my focus primarily revolved around business law. I graduated in 1992. During the interim between my first and second years of law school, I was fortunate to work with a boutique domestic relations attorney who imparted a valuable lesson: finding one’s legal niche can transform work into a daily challenge, an exciting endeavor, and a genuinely enjoyable pursuit. I carry his wisdom with me every day. The subsequent summer, I had the opportunity to clerk for a judge, during which time I became disenchanted with the financial extravagance associated with litigation and the hierarchical structures of large law firms, predominantly located in urban centers.


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However, a turning point came during the Fourth of July in 1991 when I was invited on a horseback trip into the scenic Little Wood drainage in Sun Valley, Idaho. It was a moment of profound revelation, as I recognized the immense physical and social capital embedded within this tightly-knit community. Inspired, I promptly applied to every law firm in the area, and before my graduation, I was offered a position by the Hogue Speck & Aanestad law firm. I dedicated two years of diligent work to the firm.


Over the ensuing 26 years, I had the privilege of working alongside my esteemed mentor, estate planning attorney Tom Praggastis. Presently, my legal practice encompasses a wide spectrum of business law facets, ranging from public charities to homeowner associations, private entities, real estate, estate planning, and probate. What I find most fulfilling in my legal practice is the interactions with my clients. They present me with intricate puzzles to solve each day.


Among my cherished clients, I hold a special affinity for public charities dedicated to education and environmental causes, as I believe these endeavors represent our best chance for the survival of humanity on this planet. The law, emerging from the fundamental principle of the Golden Rule, defines the parameters of human conduct, while economics serves as the framework for our decision-making within those bounds. My aspiration is to simplify my clients’ engagement with the law and its application to their unique circumstances, employing a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis that considers both financial and emotional factors.


As for my personal life, my children, who were born and raised in this community, have now grown into independent adults. My daughter has become a teacher in Seattle, while my son works locally for FMAA. I have rekindled my childhood passion for horses and continue to pursue my lifelong dream of playing hockey, as well as indulging in various forms of skiing whenever the opportunity arises.

Karl Nichols

Karl comes to the law after owning and running the Nichols Group, the then largest homeowner association management company in the Ketchum, Idaho area. In that capacity, for 14 years, he managed all aspects of associations including legal matters, operations, capital projects, board governance, owner interaction, real property, infrastructure management, vendor management, and compliance with government regulators. His experience as a former business owner and day-to-day involvement with property and associations gives him a unique and effective perspective on guiding legal clients through association, real property, business, regulatory, and other non-profit matters. Karl is a strong believer in diplomacy and reasonable solutions.

In addition to his JD, he holds an MBA in finance and is very well-versed in generally accepted accounting principles and employee management. While not working, Karl enjoys time with his wife and three children, travel, cycling, trail running, and tennis.


BA and MS Pepperdine University, 1997

MBA Vanderbilt University, 2003

JD University of Montana, 2022